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Oral Pathology in Agawam, MA and Enfield, CT

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About Oral Pathology

Roughly 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. The key to an optimistic prognosis is prevention and early treatment. Dr. Fabiola Ramirez is skilled to screen for and treat any abnormal oral findings, including many common oral diseases. During your periodontal treatments, our NobelPerio team will check for any sores, bumps, or discolored tissue. If any concerns arise, we will discuss the need for a biopsy in order to check for oral cancer. If you have noticed anything new or unusual during a self-examination, schedule a visit with Dr. Ramirez at our Agawam, MA or Enfield, CT facility to determine if a biopsy of the area is needed.

Symptoms and Causes

Benign and malignant tumors can develop in the gums, tongue, soft/hard palates, or cheeks and most commonly arise as lesions, cysts, sores, or bumps. Signs and symptoms may include sudden and unexplained bleeding, swelling, difficulty chewing, and sore throat. Poor hygiene can lead to oral cancers. In addition, certain lifestyle choices, such as genetics, HPV (human papillomavirus), tobacco and/or substance abuse, can increase your risk of developing the condition.


Once an abnormality has been detected, the NobelPerio team will perform a biopsy and send it to be studied to determine your prognosis. The biopsy will be performed using local anesthesia to help you feel as comfortable as possible during the process. Once the results of the biopsy have been assessed, a customized treatment plan will be created. As not all lesions or abnormalities are oral cancer, your treatment plan could simply include minor lifestyle changes, such as better oral hygiene.  


After all biopsies, x-rays, and tests are completed, the NobelPerio team, led by Dr. Ramirez, will review your results with you and discuss your treatment options. If oral cancer is the diagnosis, we may recommend surgical removal. Our talented team will guide you toward the proper treatment after fully understanding the extent of your condition. If you have discovered a new and unusual lesion, bump, or patch in your oral tissues, we encourage you to schedule an oral pathology visit at our Agawam, MA or Enfield, CT facility right away.

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