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After our skilled team at NobelPerio has finished the active phase of your periodontal treatment plan, your gum disease should be under control. Dr. Ramirez will provide you with a customized periodontal treatment program to help keep your gums healthy moving forward. Maintenance therapy is an ongoing treatment designed to prevent future disease or decay of the tissues and bone supporting your teeth. Closely following a program of careful, diligent oral care and regularly scheduled dental visits with our team will improve your chances of maintaining healthy, beautiful teeth for the rest of your life.

As you are likely susceptible to gum disease, you may already be aware that the primary catalyst for gum disease is the buildup of a bacteria-infested substance (plaque) that is sticky, colorless, and clings to the teeth. The bacteria in this plaque can produce toxins that will aggressively attack the gum tissue and teeth. If it is not regularly removed, plaque hardens into a porous, hard deposit called calculus or tartar. A pristine oral health regimen, including daily brushing and flossing, can help to minimize the formation of calculus, but it won’t completely prevent it. Regardless of how diligent you are when cleaning your teeth and gums, bacterial plaque can lead to recurring gum disease. For this reason, our team at NobelPerio should check for hidden oral problems and address hardened plaque at regularly scheduled intervals so your teeth and gums remain healthy.

After a bad experience at my last regular dental appointment with another doctor, I was delighted to be treated so professionally by every person I encountered at Nobel Perio. From reception to X-rays to insurance coverage, everything was explained and carried out as expected. I’m grateful to have found a place for my periodontal care where I can have confidence in my team and treatment plan.

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Who will perform my supportive care?

Who will perform your periodontal maintenance depends on the severity of your gum disease before your treatment began. Typically, the NobelPerio team will handle supportive care for those with severe periodontal disease. The more severe your periodontal disease is initially, the more often Dr. Ramirez will need to oversee your care.

Your maintenance/supportive periodontal care visit may include:

  • A discussion of changes to your medical history
  • An examination for changes to the gum tissue
  • Measurement of pocket depth around your teeth and gums
  • An evaluation of your oral hygiene regimen
  • The removal of plaque and tartar
  • Evaluation of your teeth and the jawbone via digital x-ray
  • An examination of your teeth and bite

How often do I need maintenance therapy?

The condition of your gums when beginning treatment determines how often you will need care. The interval between your appointments may be as often as once a month or as infrequent as twice yearly. Each patient's situation is different. Your need for maintenance therapy is influenced by:

  • The type and severity of your gum disease
  • Your treatment plan
  • Your gum's reaction to treatment
  • The rate at which plaque grows on your teeth
  • Your dedication to optimal oral hygiene
What is the relationship between my primary dentist and your team?

Your primary dentist and our NobelPerio team will work together to help you achieve optimal oral health. They will combine their experience and training to create a customized treatment plan for you. While keeping each other informed about your progress, Dr. Ramirez will see you for maintenance therapy while you continue to see your general dentist as well. Periodontal maintenance does not eliminate your need for regular dental check-ups. If a member of our team detects tooth decay during a maintenance visit, we will refer you to your general dentist for standard treatment. Your general dentist will remain responsible for your overall dental health throughout the course of your periodontal maintenance.

To prevent periodontal disease (a leading cause of tooth loss in adults) and keep your natural teeth for life, carefully adhere to the guidelines of the maintenance program customized for you by Dr. Ramirez. Optimizing your oral health through preventive maintenance has many benefits for you. You will be able to chew more comfortably, smile and speak more confidently, and save money in the long run by preventing future dental problems. Your commitment to maintenance therapy is your commitment to better oral health.

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